To aspire to something is what the hopeful wish they could do

What if you could put your mind to whatever you desired? What if all that dream, however remote they may seem initially, were to be acheived in the end? The natural tendency would be that you are a success. You set out your goals and have accomplished this. Isn’t activating the untapped potential of your own imagination what the experience of life is about? I’m here to explain that it is not what you dream of doing, but, oh who am I kidding with this pretentious all knowing lead up? It is my opinion that it is not what you dream of accomplishing that is important, it is how important your dream is in relation to the environment around you that matters.

What if winning the lottery was your aspiration? Would you be happy with setting your mind to this? Only if you were to somhow win. That of course is an unlikely proposition to get to if one has a rudimentary concept of statistics.The monetary benefit would most likely outweigh the psychological aspect that you were just lucky.

Winning the lottery is not an aspiration to be had. Using your own unique imagination to win something so devoid of talent will lead to acquiescence with mediocrity. To aspire for something tangible in terms of a creative outlet is very far removed from hoping to be rewarded for little effort that it seperates a person’s growth of perspective from stagnation.

Humans beings need an outlet and the social recognition that what they have acheived is an admirable feat. Winning the lottery will only get condemnation (via jealousy) from the majority who do not understand statistics. Well, right after they ask you for money. Or if the lottery winner does hand out the money they luckily get, they will only have those others around them stagnate in their own realm because of the handout. The maturation of progress is what people in my opinion should hope to accomplish.

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