Boundaries of – poker

Once you get past the irregularities of something that has a preset defined boundaries, it is the range of view or perception that changes one from a mere novice to an expert. Someone that has little scope other than that which is passed along through social interaction will inevitably feel skilled yet are adequate in the field; those that know more than the novice will feel adequate yet feeling unsubstantiated since they know they are not adequate in the field; those that are great dedicate themselves to whatever field they feel has no point of regression only to further the curve of variance they will encounter.


in this case I will refer to poker

it is the field i have spent the most time in.

There is a very little subset of people that will get why you might want to raise/reraise/re-raise a certain % that is not the best hand possible in poker. Twas because how else you going to get action when you do have the nuts. Might not be +EV to have a slave wake you up when you get a playable hand (YO WE GOT THE ACES, STOP DREAMING), but someone must of thought and done this already. I mean, wheelchair + drool, that’s like a lawsuit waiting to happen. No casino want no lawsuit. Peddle the nuts now going to turn into wheeling the nuts.

  1. Grimstar makes appearance in live debut winning [insert !zomgmoney!] now multitabling 1/3 nlhe live for $7/hr pertable. Grimstarr thanks the new legislation allowing players to simultaneously be on a touchpad talking to Indians overseeing the live game action for each table while drooling.The handicap parking permits were overhauled by the handicap revision act of 2016 that allowed people on hallucingens to be allowed to park near the closest entrance. Actual people with handicaps no longer want to park there and now have a 40% reduced chance for heart disease.

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