Watch TED instead of TV Part Almost Infinity

As always watch TED videos with subtitles because it never hurts to learn.

Ji-Hae Park: El violín y mi noche oscura del alma.

How this Chinese lady can inspire by playing a musical instrument typically associated with downtrodden emotions is alone inspiring. Makes me enjoy Gogl Bordello even more.

Amazing new way under the Creative Commons license to design and build a new house with instructions on how to build said house with little more than one tool and wood (or playwood if so choose)

Awesome video on the “limitation” of an artist with a neurological disorder: (Paraphrased)

“But having committed to the process…as I destroyed each project, I was learning to let go: let go of outcomes, failures, and imperfections. and in return I found a process that was unencumbered by results. In return he found a process that is perpetual and in a state of constant creation thinking only of what is next and coming up with more ideas than ever.”

I get how cool this looks, but it shows that this is what humans can do every day and experience through our eyes. Most people will just record TV shows and corporate music with this application IMO. And really Google Glass is just a fanciful way of telling the NSA what you really do with your life (sort of like the Internet only in a new fanciful design).

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