Loathing Public Education

Hating education was the false belief I came upon via the public education route. I remember as a first grader being part of the gifted persons clique selected by at one teacher’s whim. It was an honour and all it took was one teacher to perceive that perhaps we, society, should promote excellence. Now we have the No Child Left behind policy. There is no evolution without devolution, and if I were a religious man I would say devil-u-son (but luckily I am not).

Public education had nothing to do with learning and everything to do with all the X-Men characters I loved as a child. I, the Beast, masked underneath layers of fur there lay a layer of silver. Smart, courageous, brave, yet the weakness remained. Mr. Magneto though had the power at a moments notice to pull my skin in whichever way he chooses though. Most of the time choosing to remain dormant, sometimes choosing to channel that rage towards benefit, and rarely able to pull my skin over my eyes while showing to everyone around the true monster underneath. It was not all bad, but most of it sure as hell was.

The clique of selected intellect was not without fault. The first assignment was giving me a text book of multiplications to solve. Too bad there was no forward saying how to solve any of these so I got them all wrong. But I tried and so what if I failed? What there is to learn by achieving through deception is in actuality  glorifying the weakest part of self. What there is to achieve by failing first is a science of entitlement that reward can be the lionization of spirit instead of vanity. Failure is only a question away from a new, better perception that individuals can achieve more by changing who they are if they only asked one person for help.

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