Writing Exercise – Day Five

As Mark exited the box he picked up his daily mail at, he saw a dog urinating in a manner that showed it loved every minute of this affectionate act by its master. He reminded himself of his earlier LSD trip that made him now urinate on trees. It had something to do with loving the Earth instead of the coal powered toilet he uses, but he could not recall an exact facsimile of the accord due to its hallucinogenic nature.

He marched by the dog and further saw another environmentalist recollection. A woman exited a gas filled plastic made gas guzzler to throw her property’s branches into a big pile. A fire pit of some kind would be its future, but for any energy than destruction he could not perceive.

He had a pair of red sunglasses on his shirt collar and put them on to cover the sun from his blue eyes. The red beauty he now saw through a lense into a world of roses instead of the black tar pit he usually saw the world living under him and upon the ground. It reminded him of the time he went by the union Pacific Railroad owl in Death Valley. It was made of plastic with one eye in the right side and one missing from the left. You would have to come face to face with this occult knowledge to understand it. So he broke out his knife to pierce its working eye all the while placing it off its perch to into his car for him to utilize another time of his own making in the Mojave Desert. “They want oil, I’ll give it back with a fume I can laugh at.” he reminisced.

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