Writing Exercise Day 6 – Mark

Mark knew his moral fiber left a mark ingrained in him far more peculiar to posterity than towards his fellow modern man. He always admired kids’ aspirations for benevolence while at the same time he was eternally puzzled how adults adulterated the inquisitive nature of adolescence. It had to be ingrained in them through genetics instead of merely the way of upbringing. Unfortunately, children did not share his gluten sickness otherwise they might choose a different fiber to consume.

Mark felt at that particular moment, 1.2 miles south of the post office, relieved for the first time today. He now felt that he was ready to explore the world. Most would take this to mean a long passage of far distance. That is the wrong conclusion though. Getting somewhere far away quickly only leads to a rushed and likely botched attempt at one conclusion other than the one you set out with to begin with. The correct conclusion can be brought about by choosing a path that is slow and reflective.

Really anything can be surmounted as long as the desirable outcome appears close yet is far away. It has to do with eyes playing tricks on a naive mind incapable of reflection. Actually, reflection is the wrong word as that implies an image being shown back to our eyes via a mirror. Introspection through interposing dialogues of conflicting yet enlightening conversation seems more reflective of one’s character than mere contemplation. Drugs also play a huge part in Mark’s introspective side. He always related them back that illegal narcotics were a bullet along a path that should be crawled upon and I believe he is correct.

As he finally got back to his house, he could not wait any longer to open his package. Some would call him paranoid that he would not open up the package, and he would freely admit that he was. Whenever he went to the grocery store he made sure not to spend so much time down the frozen food isles because he was dead certain that certain people around him were judging him. If drugs brought about paranoia, then they were only an elevated perception of how his sober somewhat defunct mind normally works.

People typically fail at explaining to someone who has never taken marijuana, the substance Mark had now in his hands, on the grounds of what the reaction is to it. Erowid.org listed the effects as Intoxicant; Stimulant; Psychedelic; Depressant but that is only part of the story. It is a stimulant in that it makes everything around you seem to appear more in focus and in harmony with the universe, yet it is a depressant in that it makes you wanting to achieve less through means of apathetic remorse because in the end, they do not matter enough for you to accomplish them (unless the material you desire is from someone who loves you then they worry). Marijuana is the ultimate gateway drug, a drug to a new perception that allows for the serenity of everyday mundane to become somehow supernaturally sublime. All it really does is accentuates (through the minor setback of brain neuron activity) the everyday surroundings around one person. That is why stoners get such a bad reputation since 95% of people in the Western World have never experienced any difficulty until mid life crisis so they loiter away their youth in front of a flickering screen or three.

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