Made in Merica

This very well may be the first generation in American history that “made in the USA” is regarded in two negative tones. The product is regarded in either skepticism; knowing full well that all the small intricacies connecting American goods are made in east Asia. And if it is not skeptically regarded, it is regarded in contempt; knowing sub consciously that most of our goods are infernally made with its sole intent to spy on the activities that would otherwise be used for communication or entertainment. Made in America really shows the true intent of the populace. Subconsciously we, and I identify in this realm as well, believe that we are skeptical of the nature of our existence. But in reality, we hold contempt for those that question who we are but do not have the ability to do so.


This is why the American public is so easily led to believe that the Zimmerman case is so identifiable to their perceived axioms. A lonely kid is wrongly identified as a hoodlum and is gunned down by a do gooder. We can pinpoint with a refined accuracy of all the times we have traveled a path that we were misidentified upon and especially recall the times we were done so by someone who we thought was serving a noble cause. It is really not hard to stand out from the crowd if the intent is to stand out as a peacock around crows. We believe ourselves to be freethinking that hold no judgment unless that stands up against our values. But I dare say that this is actually contempt for ones we truly cannot distinguish.


Take for example someone you have never met nor will you ever meet them. They speak a language you will never hear. They wear clothes you have never seen hung in a department stores. They hold customs that can only be viewed to yourself as peculiar. They are not identifiable to you, but nonetheless they are a person. What if this person were to die today? You would likely hold no concern on the matter as they are held in the same esteem as a bug. Yet, if they somehow traveled to our country to wear “our clothes”, especially the fancy and expensive kind, and were gunned down in a manner only befitting something of a nefarious intent, we would somehow identify with them. Really, it is not the matter of dieing that we so vividly get upset about, it is only when death is brought into our homes do we get all riled up about it.


We should remain skeptical of this. We should know that death is part of the human experience. We should know that misfortune happens at every moment and will forever remain adversity in this realm of existense. Its too bad all we can identify with though are deaths that happen on “our” land.

One thought on “Made in Merica

  1. So eloquently put. I hope one day to be able to travel to places outside of ‘Merica to really understand how the classic American view of superiority is thought about throughout the world. Do citizens of other countries think the same thing about their countries?

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