Reproducing without foresight

Americans have an exceptionally vapid, unimaginative Philistine culture that celebrates the notion, ideation, and parlaying of the positive outcome when we ask out someone whose skin falls prettily over their body and in turn they found our skin adequately fell over our moving lips. Somehow this is a notion that should be celebrated with all our fellow citizens. In my opinion, it is one of the silliest ideas that still is circulated. Why after all these years of progressing as a society do we not find it repugnant to actively seek out the prettiest mate so we can propagate our genetic lineage when, as Americans believe, all people are equal. Do we not realize how many millions of children grow up without a father and a mother? Probably our procreating parts are too busy enjoying themselves to look up foster care statistics.


Somehow we still sub consciously find marvel in wondering what our nose would look like with her/his forehead (just take 17 years to find out final product) instead of pondering, perhaps I should adopt so society has one less person that will forever be reminded of how shitty of an upbringing they had when they were raped, plundered, and looked down upon because of the horrific foster care system.


It is this need to show how dominant we are in relation to those around us that angers me immensely. Each person needs, not just wants, but needs to have the latest greatest prettiest fastest materialistic extremities. We must show off, otherwise we are somehow parlayed into being a loser. If that is not a showcase of vapid nomenclature, I cannot comprehend what is.


Some would argue that this is only a precursor to finding your ideal mate. Finding a person without physical imperfections is the gateway before consummation and reproduction. But I know from personal experience, and from many accounts of fellow males, that once we get laid we try our hardest not to lose that hot piece of ass. Males will do just about anything to keep having sex with a person that is below 130 on one scale and above an 8 on another.


So what is the alternative to this approach? Well, instead of being blinded by our eyes, see the character of a person by discerning through discussion about what they hold true to their character. Then perhaps instead of misery when they no longer need to uphold their figure (i.e. many women after marriage), one could find aspects that makes the other want to be around their partner more and this in turn will be reciprocated.


What point am I trying to convey? Well, for one adopt before fuck without remorse. Don’t reproduce unless both partners are geniuses. Exceptionally few lineage descent is worth more than reaping the reward in knowing you helped someone who otherwise would be downtrodden for the rest of their existence.

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