Knowledge is enlightening; information is frightening

To learn equates a certain feeling of substantiated remorseful apprehension that once I wrongfully believed I knew many things that were untrue. The further one believes, whether true or false, entitled to an opinion, the more times it repeats with repetition, the more the human intellect holds it to become sanctimonious and true. The intellect sways via notions that what we have encountered endears it to be wholly dependable and accurate all the while being planted with sub conscious impulses that if pointed out one would mostly find that perception of truth to be abhorrently untrue.

To find truth down to the last atom we see around ourselves is something humans are incapable of doing. Research subconscious thoughts and/or training and the only outcome I come away with is that I wish I never understood. Advertising delusions through repetition somehow become morphed into truths. Democracy promulgates the idea that the majority has the functioning ability to choose more freedom. I believe all theymake certain is to conspire to hold the minority down.

The majority naturally holds security to be the first priority functioning arm of the governing class. Security to the public’s privileges without the reasoning that perhaps the majority are not due these items if they subtract natural rights from the minority. This opinion is not corroborated via the mass mediums of information because that must appeal to the majority otherwise that form of media goes out of business.

Judgments made via whims are showcased when the public votes for a new leader. This process only show that the only ideal the majority wants to see is how well of an orator their representative is. Freedom, hope, change, and transparency may be what the public hears, and if repeated enough times they transfix this opinion to be true to their chosen leader (even after the exceptionally many iterations that this is false), but exceptionally few truly trust the dirty game that is politics.  That is why it is maddening to me to see how mesmerized people get every four years all the while forgetting the last three.




One idea I never see anyone hold is that the NSA spying is terrifying because once the governing wing knows how the majority thinks, it is easier to lead the public. If one politician knows the justifications for how the public wants a leader to act, how easy will it be to write a speech to preaches to those ideals? Of course not hard at all. Reading each iteration of a new bill that is 100+ pages long in legal code remains quite difficult though. That is part of the three years I sometimes transpire in. That last year though, I’ll sit out.

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