Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning rant:

Edward Snowden remains a patriot in this American’s eyes even if he has been expatriated to the land that was very recently our most fervent enemy. A whistle-blower, one who reveals the wrongdoing of the institution to the public, outlines the maladjustment this nation sets its pretense upon. The public so enraptured by notions that securing one’s property may only be achieved by letting the government take half of their earned wages, lets the defense industry right inside their homes. This reveals every thought once not known to the one searching at every stroke of the stroke of the enter key. It was once thought to only be a key to let one know more but now the only knowing to be had entails the military industrial complex to enter into one’s mind.

A presidium of American institutions otherwise known as “Department”, “Agency” or “Bureau” has dissimulated their appearance under the guise of public protection. This is a feigned appearance as their prime objective seems to be upholding the interests that truly line the pockets of these departments.

The most frightening aspect of this continuing process of locking up those disseminating facsimiles of actual events transpiring is that revealing the truth is now against the law. The law is now the number one priority when it goes against the natural laws we were told we were born with. Defending our freedom means only protecting the interests of corporations that wish to hold more money.

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