Fear those terrorists

“Think of the press as a great keyboard 
on which the government can play.” 
― Joseph Goebbels


Definition of TERRORISM

: the systematic use of [a state of intense fear] especially as a means of coercion

We at war to fight terrorism. This is ironic to say the least just to think of all the ways in which our own very government adheres to codes of terror to make itself useful while restraining the public from free ideas. Everyday Americans are surrounded by beliefs that are terrifying if not adhered to. In a hurry, look in your rear view mirror for the patrol officer. Want to take drugs, better not let your neighbor get a whiff of it. Want to get some vitamin D, better wear that clothing apparel. Want to drive barefoot, better not get pulled over. Want to brush your teeth on the airplane, sorry too bad you might have a bomb in there. Tired and don’t want to spend any money, too bad you are not allowed to rest unless we say this is an area allowed to rest at. Want to set up camp to sleep for free, too bad not allowed at our rest area. Don’t have a home or any money, luckily for you you now have a home with metal bars and other people with no income.

The idea that we should defend against terrorism is absurd to begin with. If terrorism were really that big of a problem in America, we would see it every day in every state. Even money is not that big of an obstacle to lay havoc upon the populace. Just go to any major metropolitan area, spot an escalator, and shove away. You’d probably at least seriously injure many and probably even kill a few. Got a few dollars to spare and a car? Get some tacks and throw them out the window and watch the truck and all the cars behind them crumble.

Now I want to make it clear I am not suggesting or advocating doing any of these things. It is just that it is so simple to terrorize people that the concept that organization needs to be taken to lay havoc upon the populace does not exist in actuality. If you want to kill hundreds of thousands of people then, you need some fire power and money. Do I really need to reference USA now?

The people that are fighting against American soldiers are, most likely in view, those that want to protect their home land. That portrayal never seems to come across though as another American made bomb lays waste to what used to be another one’s home. Do you honestly believe that if some country were to invade America today we would not all stand up against it? We would all of a sudden find our neighbors to be the problem that caused all this? The only means of finding my neighbor’s activity (other than ones that are actively partaking in destruction of our surrounding property) repugnant enough to tell the usurper about would only be if I were given a massive pot of gold to tell them about all their mischief. Oh wait, USA actually does that.

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