Today’s postprandial rant

Positive law, those established by human authority, by and large entail notions bereft of what unites individuality. Positive law often posses ideals that seem plausible for the benefit of the whole, but in actuality they pay credence that my property and ideology is better than those that succumb to neither.

What was once sought after as an American ideal, which later translates to a law to protect and hold onto, perniciously draws away from what the natural law seeks to embolden. The right to sustain an individual lifestyle slowly becomes antagonistic towards the moral fibre of the modern day hierodule, a slave serving an ancient temple in the service of a specific diety. The temple has morphed now into the mall which ever encroaches on what was once the ideal aspect of nature. The masses worship every day by encouraging more debt via these Reserve notes. To work, to play, to partake in this madness needs more and more debt notes until one is without faculty to realize one has been indentured into bonds one has not took the time to fathom.

They may even become so successful as to believe they have hit the nail on the head without realizing that they now only most likely enrich their masters by enslaving his or her subordinates. This inefficacious desire to be wealthy shows how inept their instincts have eroded to. Intoxicated by green paper they remain oblivious to the red undertone.

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