8/10/2013 Postprandial rant

Most persons adult life remains transcribing the least pleasing notions of ancestory towards thoes that spent so little time around them. Remnants of a culture that only knows how to act via a price tag attached to artwork, curiosity is beaten out of their minds once humans ascribe more value in possession than enjoyment. Humans in actuality possess everything they need for enjoyment: legs to jump, jive, contort, run; mouths to yell, sing, yodel, communicate adoration; arms to embrace; minds to manifest our best reality. Yet, humans allured on the enchantment of more possession shall lay blame and discord if another impedes on the progress of one more possession and shall reap eternal blame if these possessions break or are taken away.

A national wrought with consumerism who believes these are the ideals of a capitalistic culture. True capitalism, the commerce of one individual’s work for another’s work or commodity, has not been in effect since my time on this planet. Corporatism though remains rampant. The 14th Amendment has twenty times as many cases of corporation transfixing person-hood than it does a black person. This showcases how corrupt law becomes once a new legal definition comes into place. It supposes that because a word may hold a different meaning that any may apply at a given judgment when it should only be accorded down to the simplest level for every man to understand.

Is it any wonder why there is a phrase “mid-life crisis”? Beset by relationships whose very conception is bound to fail then at least show signs of failing, beget with children and raised by an ardent consumer, the person starts to befall upon emotions clearly of a negative mindset. As one should if one has never truly enjoyed oneself and/or remain content when one can reflect at all the joy one has lived. Buying more gadgets to play with though holds no belief in my eyes that this is beneficial as that just glorifies the instant gratification complex of consumerism. Creating new works, more specifically artistic endeavors, settling into nature, or even enjoying reminiscing of youth does create joy though.

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