Anomalies, are we compelled towards or against them?

Today’s ramble:

When we think of the most beautiful object or the most horrific it is at the bounds of what is considered normal. This may very well be the reason why Obama was considered such an archetype of what a politician should be (a well spoken ‘SHOCKER’ black person). Or that usually uplifting story (that I find to be so contrived it brings anger into me) of a handicapped person that can ‘SHOCKER’ achieve something. It seems to must always be this formula of these peculiar abnormalities that somehow excite our intuition since they are not seen on the regular. 

I wonder then, what will be the next breakthrough for humanity? Will it be the next renovated rendition of a familiar design? I doubt that to be the case. Once society sees the next fabulous edition through a technological gain, its foundation of excitement weens exceptionally shortly thereafter. Societal gains through the means of politics seems upon the grounds which we now inhabit to be plausible, but they are as short lived and shortly hitherto upon whence they came to be not long loved. It has to be something completely foreign that will change this first world society. What that is, I wish I could surmise.

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