Two types of people

There are basically only two types of people. The people that ask themselves “Now what?” vs. the people that ask “What for?” Tall, small, brown, white, queer, wasp, father ,daughter, midget, Chinese, Russian, or porn star, these classifications fall below these psychological query kingdoms.


In the “Now What?” camp, they tend to always want to accomplish something. Called driven by some, they tend to plan out their day trying to utilize every waking second to further their ideological or physical output. Once they do accomplish a lone feat, there is not a time to admire or contemplate or do anything other than than asking themselves “Now what can I do next”?


Contrast this to the “What for”. “Driven? Ha! What for? Am I starving or freezing to death? Then what the fuck am I doing this for?” seems to be a common mantra repeated. Although highly derided by the other group when they say “Now what did he/she/they think they would accomplish” a common non-verbal and sometimes verbal riposte emoted is “What the fuck you care for?”


The history of man details the majority of the accomplishments of the “Now What” kingdom quite fluently. Action takers, leaders, power or fame hungry, or simply maniacal lunatics, professional historians love to fill their journals and minds upon men too busy asking “Now what” to contemplate “Why should I do this again?” Always a stressful undertaking, no wonder drugs, an alternative perception of what now is happenning, seem prevalent.


Drug use in the “what for” kingdom not nearly as prevalent, but a minority do drink coffee, smoke occassional marijuana or drink a few glasses of wine because “what else am I living for?”


Relationships seem better on the “What for?” camp since cheating/lying meets the question, “What would I want to hurt you for?” while the other group asks “Now what you going to do about it?”


Some though do cross over psychological kingdoms when they ponder “What we celebrating these idiots for?” then as an epiphany they ask, “Now what else could I do?”

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